Each RTT session lasts between 90 minutes to two hours. Each session is different and personalized just for you.

Relaxing!  Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation.  You will feel totally relaxed and at ease.  This is because in hypnosis, your very active conscious mind is quiet while your subconscious mind where your feelings and beliefs reside is given the floor to speak.  

Not at all!  You are awake and relaxed during hypnosis and are in complete control the entire time. You can talk and move about during the session.

When you are in a naturally occuring relaxed state or in hypnosis, your brain waves are the same as when you are in meditation or early phases of sleep (REM).  It is not magic – it’s science! This allows you to access your subconscious mind. It’s a very easy process and accessible to anyone.

Have you ever watched a movie and become so involved with the story that you forgot all about time and everything else going on around you?  This is the same as hypnosis and can work with anyone. Going “deep into hypnosis” is not really important. Accessing your subconscious is linked to results not the depth of trance. Approaching hypnosis with an open mind and thinking “this is working” makes the difference.  Know that hypnosis works, is researched based, and is effective.

Many clients are totally surprised by the thoughts and feelings that surface in an RTT session.  This is one of the ways in which RTT is different from traditional hypnosis and what makes it totally amazing.  Even if you consciously think that you know the reason behind an issue, your subconscious mind will show you the EXACT reason and the feelings attached to it that cause you to believe and act in a particular way. Once you are aware of this, you can view the issue in a completely different manner and change the meaning and beliefs surrounding it. Trust that your incredible subconscious mind will do its job superbly!

If you recall an event in your life that was particularly painful or frightening to you, such as an accident, trauma or any type of abuse, it’s important to know that you won’t be reliving it. Simply, you will view it from afar and will know that you are safe.  If this occurs in your session, I will support you in the process, remind you that you are a bystander, and provide a safe space for you to express your emotions and heal from them. You’ll be safe and supported the entire time.  

Whatever is said in an RTT session stays in the RTT session!  Each session is totally confidential. My personal notes, if any, are to help create your personalized recording and then are discarded.  If you don’t feel comfortable describing something aloud that you become aware of in a scene during your session, you just let me know. I’ll ask how you are feeling and will not ask about the details of the event. 

There are 3 types of change that result from Rapid Transformational Therapy and you can experience any one or all three after your session.  Since each person and each session is different, people can see the impact from the session differently as well. The 3 types of change are

  • Immediate: a significant shift with immediate changes in your body, thoughts and behaviors during the session.
  • Incremental: ongoing and consistent shifts every day and over time.
  • Retroactive: shifts are not visible right away and then suddenly, one day you look back and realize all of the things that are different in your life.

The beauty of RTT is that it is created to provide you with a powerful breakthrough and the opportunity to create significant permanent change in your life in one condensed period of time. With some more complex issues, a client may need 2 or maximum 3 RTT sessions to resolve a concern.   

Since an RTT session is very focused, many clients request additional sessions to work on other areas of their life and/or participate in coaching to build new habits and behaviors.  

Disclaimer: Results cannot be guaranteed; moreover, results from individual testimonials are for reference only and your own personal experience may differ from those shown on this site. Regression therapy is an approach to treatment that focuses on resolving significant past events believed to be interfering with a person’s present mental and emotional wellness. Only people with sound mental health who are confident that a review of past events will not adversely impact their emotional or mental health should participate. We request that you do not participate in regression therapy if you or your treating practitioners have any past or existing concerns about your mental health. Regression therapy and RTT are not substitutes for psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical treatment. Nor do Regression therapy and RTT intend to diagnose or treat any disease, illness, psychological or mental health condition.  Clients are encouraged to seek the advice of a trained medical professional about any medical concerns.