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Learning how to maintain a clear mind while facing challenges is the best way for you to improve your impact and your bottom line! Through experience-proven insight and training, Owl And The Apple is ready to advise you while finding success in today’s fluid, fast paced and competitive world!

Personal Consulting

Executive Coaching

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  • Elite Level Mentor Programs
  • Accelerate the Creation of Wealth
  • Develop an Enhanced Mindset
  • Create Your Ideal Life
  • Elevate Your Thoughts and Capabilities
  • Redesign Your Self Image
  • Accountability to Reach Your Goals

Organizational Consulting

Organizational Consulting

Optimize Your Workplace

  • Create Synergy Among Leadership
  • Strategic Review and Audit of Organizational Structures
  • Measure Your Internal Organizational Knowledge Ecology
  • Elevate Your Team’s Engagement and Capabilities


1:1 RTT Session

Unparalleled Results 

  • Quickly Shift Your Paradigm to Overcome Limiting Beliefs, Addictions, and Habits
  • Hypnotherapy combined with NLP and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • For Busy Professionals Who Need Results Now

Our Founder

Dr. Susan Guiney (Dr. Sue!)

Dr. Susan Guiney (Dr. Sue!) has over 30 years of strategic leadership experience and has served as a Superintendent of Schools, a personal coach/mentor, author, strategic consultant, and expert on learning and leadership. 

Dr. Sue observed firsthand that the story embedded in an organization’s culture or an individual’s subconscious mind determines the level of abundance and success.

Dr. Sue holds a doctorate in Leadership from Columbia University and she has received numerous awards in the field of academia and public education. 

In 2014, Dr. Sue was named a Woman of Distinction by the NYS Senate. In addition, Dr. Sue is a clinical hypnotherapist and a certified Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) practitioner trained directly by the internationally renowned Marisa Peer.  



You Can Change Your Life

  • All is going well, the tinnitus has been going down definitely, slowly but steady, so that is great! …on the other hand, I loved the recording, you have such a wonderful voice for this kind of work, not all therapists do, so you should feel very proud and confident about it.  I will keep you posted regarding my progress. Have a great day!

    Ricardo C.

  • Susan is a kind lady who immediately made me feel at ease with her sense of humor and easy going personality.  My issue was relating to my feelings towards my alcoholic mother and my resentment and anger as a result of this. Susan made me feel very relaxed and took me back to scenes that enabled me to get to the root of my resentment. I was able to let go of a lot of emotional baggage as a result of my session with her. She is a talented therapist and linked the scenes together so clearly for me.  A few weeks in now and I feel much lighter and happier with life. I have also found I'm feeling less angry and impatient. I would highly recommend an RTT session with Susan. Thank you so much Susan for making my life happier.

    Mandy S.

  • I just want to thank you so much Susan for this RTT session; You did such a wonderful job, I just had one allergy crisis within a month, where I would have had at least 10 to 15  bad days usually. I’m still listening to the recording, as I love it and I realize how good you were at listening
    to my needs. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next month because I m sure now that my allergy is gone forever !!! I can feel it! So thanks again for this session, you are such a great therapist, you did an amazing work with me, it’s been so powerful my life has changed and you made it happens, so again thanks for all you did. I wish you all the best and again MANY MANY THANKS!

    Cecile M.

  • Besides feeling much more confident about doing my work in a foreign language I recognized that I achieved a lot more in my career and personal development than I was able to see before. Listening to her recording after the session made it so much easier to leave fear and perfectionism behind.

    Kora W.

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